Chapter 4

She held her breath and slowly pushed the door in. It easily swung wide open to reveal a rather attractive man with his shirt off. His name was Brad. Or at least it had been. Before the possession. He had dark wavy hair, tousled like waves over steel-gray eyes. Issabella hated to admit it, but Annie’s husband was hot. With one hand planted on the sink counter and the other leaning against the shower rod, he was demonstrating dominance.

“Well, now you see me.”

“So, am I talking to Brad or somebody else?” She needed his name.

“You are talking to somebody else.” His voice had that certain gravel; with that, I-just-woke-up-sexy- vulnerability-I-want-you-now tone.

“Who am I talking to?”

“A demon.”

“A demon… named?” Her last word lingered in hopes of sinking in.

“A demon named… None-ya. Cuz it’s None-ya business.”

“Like you had to explain it?” So, maybe not that bright, but damn, he was handsome. She stepped closer. “I understand you’ve been talking about world domination?”

He slipped his hands into his jeans. “Maybe I have.”

“There seems to be more of you guys showing up lately.”

“Yes, but I can’t talk about that. We know who you are, Huntress.”

Issabella was shocked. She probably shouldn’t have been, considering this was case number 337. “Are you guys keeping track now?”

“Yes. You are causing trouble. Look, all we want is to come up here and cause some trouble. It’s fun. Demons just want to have fun.”

“Well, if your fun consists of killing people and destroying household furniture, I can assure you, that’s not the type of fun we need.”

“Killing people? It’s more fun to fuck-up their lives.”

It was still odd to hear terrible words from the mouth of such a handsome creature. He cocked his head to the side and ran a hand through his wavy hair.

“I stand corrected.” She switched gears. “Why are you so handsome?”

He smiled—“I picked a good one this time. You know what I could do to you?” The demon spoke with a question, but his sexual directness could not be misinterpreted.

Issabella pulled her sweater top off like a spider shedding its exoskeleton.

“Oh? I thought you came to talk?” He continued, approaching her, enticed.

“Talking is for the birds. There is a bedroom right across the hall.”

“I thought you would never ask.”

His steel-gray eyes bore into hers, unflinchingly. He took another step closer. Suddenly, she halted his chest with her index finger.

“But unfortunately, I can’t. You belong to another. Your name is Brad.”

The demon paused, confused. “This is not Brad.”

This was her moment, and she knew it. It would have to be played just right. This was like bowling. She held the ball masterfully, eyeing the pins, the air was good, her arm was strong. She reached back and unfastened her bra with one hand and let it spiral to the floor. Her nipples were hard and pointed directly at his strong chest. Brad the demon fell silent. Helpless.

“What is your name?” She asked innocently.

There was a pause, but a storm of insecurity raged inside her. Seconds ticked, till finally.

“It is still None-ya.”

“Fuck.” She whispered under her breath. He was smart. She watched the invisible bowling ball head straight for the gutter. “Well, I guess I’ll be downstairs in the living room.”

“Why not stay here?”

“Because I can’t stay with Brad. I am not married to him.”

“But he fucks Veronica all the time.” The demon reasoned.

“Yes, but they have an agreement. An agreement built on trust, made by responsible adults. And I don’t really know you. So, again, I’ll be downstairs.”

Denying a handsome stranger was hard, but she had learned to do it. She turned and used the stairs like a pro. The sexual bob of her hips on each step, carefully nuanced for his attention. Teasing was fun, and Annie’s husband was irresistibly sexy. A creature too damn hot for its own good, but they were getting smarter.

She sat on the couch as another typical American house hold laid out around her. The cute coffee table with the doily, the small computer table relegated to a corner. Across the room she spied a picture of two couples that sat on a shelf. She recognized Brad and Annie, and the other couple probably being Veronica and Josh. They looked very happy, a foursome on a fishing trip, camping, holding up trout and salmon to an unknown cameraman.

“I am here.” Came a sultry male voice from behind her.

Issabella smiled to herself, knowing she had caught a fish of her own. “I was hoping you would come see me.”

“How could I refuse?” He walked around to the front of the room.

“Do you like my new stockings?” Drawing his attention to her legs.

“I see that tattoo on your stomach.”

“Yes. That’s my circle of good luck. Rub your cream on it and make a wish.” She smiled then whispered seductively, “And I have a feeling you will get whatever you ask for.”

Some people had a silver tongue, occasionally hers would turn gold. The demon known temporarily as Brad was aroused, and it wasn’t hard for her to tell.

He slipped his fingers into his jeans and unfastened the button, then unzipped, sliding the denim down his strong thighs. His erect manhood lay trapped, pulled tight against his stomach by silk, rendering the size and shape of his cock in a sheer cocoon. A little cream from his tip lightly bled through the cloth, and she felt herself tingle. There was very little left to the imagination, but just enough to make her want to crawl between his thighs.

“I am asking for you.” He spoke with velvety elegance.

“Damn’t, this was getting rough,” She thought. But if she knew one thing, she had to stay on guard. She was the seducer. She stood up and unzipped her short skirt and pushed them down her hips.

He looked at her and spoke as if they were on equal footing. “You know Issabella, these humans are fun to play with.”

“I understand you influenced them and got into the powdered sugar.”

“It was delicious. But, did she tell you we also met the neighbors?”

“No?”—this made her little uneasy—“neighbors?”

“Yes, a little spice to the vanilla orgy.” He spoke while fingering his cock through the thin fabric. “Patrick and Elizabeth.”


“Jehovah’s witnesses. A lovely little couple.”

“Oh my god…”

“Yes.” He smiled smugly. “They came to the door at the wrong time, and found themselves… um… witnessing and partaking in… um… something else.”

“What did you do?” Her smile beamed, but her eyes pierced.

“Well, Liz sat on Jake’s watchtower… so to speak, while Veronica enslaved Patrick and made him perform oral sex on her in front of us all. Good times…” —he was lost in remembrance for a moment then looked deep into Issabella’s eyes—“the point is, there was a dominate and a subordinate.”

An unspoken power struggle was at play, and Issabella knew it full well. She would have to dominate, or she would lose. The demon pushed his briefs down. The male weapon revealed, a well-cut naked man with a beautiful hard cock.

“Damn you Brad, or whatever your name is.”

The devil was gorgeous, in a breathtaking way. There was no-more hiding behind silly clothes. He was insidiously erect and his intentions were being made clear. She was rattled. His sultry voice, and his nude body; and the way his muscle tone glowed in the living room lamp-light; this could melt Issabella’s jaded heart.

Secretly, she wanted him. She wanted him bad. But he was dangerous. Being able to control or influence people the way he had… was not the quality of an ordinary demon. He was fucking dangerous. Damn’t she wanted to fuck Brad, Annie’s husband. It was wrong. She knew it was, but this wasn’t Brad. This was a bad boy, and she had to maintain control. She wrestled. “Have sex with Brad, enjoy the ride, trap him, and after… go have a smoothie.” She thought. Yes. Danger was Issabella’s friend, and it was time to poke the pony.

“I think you have a lack of self-worth.” She said directly.

“What? What do you know about self-worth?!” He yelled unexpectedly.

“You hide in the skin of another because you have low-self esteem.”

“I am NOT ashamed to unleash my true self!”

She remained calm. “You’ve already betrayed your true-self”—Issabella parted her legs, bringing a dainty finger down to her panties—“tell me thy name so I may call it out in the throes of passion.”

The demon paused and thought for a moment. “Is the young one trying to trick me again?”

“No. I want ALL of you, the REAL you… inside me!”

With a flash, he appeared directly in front of her. He grabbed her panties and pulled them forcefully down, then ripped them apart. He spread her legs wide and pushed himself between them.

“Oh god, I want him so bad.” She bit her lip, trying to keep her thoughts inside.

He brought his large cock up to rest stiff on top of her pussy.

“Look at me girl. Do you not like what you see?”

She caught her breath—“I do like what I see.” She felt herself getting wet as his shaft heaved atop her muff, breaching her circular tattoo of good fortune. Her gaze climbed up his tight stomach to his wide muscular chest, till resting on his handsome face. She realized he was staring at her. “Damn your eyes Brad, damn them. All steely and gray—”

“Those are my eyes, they are not Brads… and they are the window to my soul.” His voice was like a tongue licking her clit.

The power struggle was real, and it was time. “Then show me your soul!” She shouted.

Suddenly he kicked the coffee table and sent it flying against the wall, bashing into computer nook. He grabbed Issabella and brought her down to the floor. In a fit of muscular perfection, each bicep working in athletic unison, he arched back and brought the tip of his hard cock to her wet lips. She felt her knees getting weak and butterflies swirling in her stomach.

“Yes, fuck me now!” Her eyes closed to blackness.

“My name is Azaroch, a wraith from the Third Circle!” He sank deep inside Issabella.

“Oh my god…” she panted. She knew his name, but damn, did she have to know it right now!? She pretended not to have heard it for a few moments, just to experience the sheer pleasure of his muscular body. His hips slammed between her thighs, and his pubic stubble brushed against her button. She moaned in pleasure, then blindly reached out and found the leg of the couch, her fingers searching.

The demons face twisted in beautiful agony as he clamped down on her soft hips.

Issabella knew what had to be done and now was the time. Her fingers twitched, feeling, looking for her purse. She stretched, hand out, searching. Nothing but carpet. She arched back, her vision upside down, eyes flashed open to see her purse was about two feet away. Her hips buckled, and her body shook with each thrust of the demon. It rocked her closer to the magical handbag, but it would never be close enough, and she knew it. Quickly her hand slid under the couch, desperate. Palpating the ground. There was something, her fingers felt it. A rod, a stick with a line. A harmless cat toy. She grabbed it tight and stared at the demon. His face still scrunched in sex. She pulled the toy out, flashing it like a whip toward her purse. The small stuffed mouse on the other end hooked onto the leather handle, and she reeled it in like a fish on a line.

“Azaroch, Wraith of the Third Circle. I command you.” She spoke with solid determination.

He suddenly stopped, and so did her heart.


“Azaroch, Wraith of the Third Circle, I command you! To free yourself! from—”

She grabbed her small black purse with both hands above her head. With a quick twist of her fingers, it popped open and she could feel the heat from the rim as it began to glow.

“What are you doing?! What is that!” Azaroch questioned.

“Oh shit!”—she realized she still hadn’t emptied the last demon out. She knew she was in trouble, and her mind raced like wildfire—“to free yourself from!…”—she had to think quick—“Your inhibitions!”

“Oh, YES.” His tangled mouth formed a slow lustful grin. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Quickly, she raised the cat toy like a lash, and bobbed his chest with the hapless stuffed mouse.

“I like your style, Huntress.” He spoke with admiration, then continued with renewed vigor.

She bit her lip. It was too late. A sudden flash of light and Hunsynuckle erupted into the room. Issabella gasped as she watched. “Shit!” Her mind screamed. The burly demon appeared, disoriented. He got up and stormed around the couch, shocked. Suddenly he was free, free from the black jail next to the cell phone and lipstick.

Now there were two demons in the room! Issabella’s mind surged with horror.

Hunsynuckle was not prepared for a sudden acclimation. He looked like he had been napping. In front of him he saw a naked Issabella. And another demon? Fucking her? Was that Azaroch the Wraith? In a human’s body? He squinted and smelled sex in the air.

“This looks like fun to Hunsynuckle.” His voice was deep and slow, his physique like a stack of large stones that warbled when he spoke.

“Hunsynuckle!” She screamed in a mad whisper. “Get back in my purse! Now!”

Hunsynuckle didn’t care.

The handbag crackled and struggled. It choked like a powerful vacuum sucking on two big socks that it couldn’t swallow. Issabella knew it would be rough, she knew her purse didn’t have the power to suck them both in.

Hunsy knelt by her head and pushed Issabella’s shoulders down hard against the carpet. His angry face came down, eye to eye, upside down. He stared at her as two thoughts ran through his head. Sex and jail. He remembered the lust that filled his body a few days ago, but ultimately… prison. Sex was fun, prison… not so much. The words sloshed around his head. She felt his hot breath on her face as his mouth opened. Her eyes grew wide. What the fuck was he going to do? Eat her face?

“Not my face!” Her mind screamed. She had heard of that happening.

Hunsy roared and Issabella slammed her eyes closed in terror. Suddenly she felt his warm tongue as it plopped down on her nose. He licked her. That was not what she expected. A moment later his big lips came down, firmly planting on hers. She felt his breath on her chin as a strong moan poured from chest.

She realized that now two big strong demons were having the most erotic lascivious way with her. Her mind spun like a fishing reel winding-out by two sharks. This was horribly pleasurable. Hunsy sucking her lips into his mouth and Brad, aka Azaroch, seducing her rhythmically.She felt Hunsy squirm, then he moved.A moment later, her small body was being controlled. Hunsy’s hands on her back, upper body pushed up, tilting her forward, till finally he crouched back down to slide behind her. He laid her head down to rest between his legs. She didn’t know where this going, but she was intrigued. Hunsy began to stroke her hair with his large fingers, parting it, pushing it to the side till she could feel his tight balls on the back of her warm neck. His cock frolicked in her long hair and he reached down her body and caressed her boobs.

Right now both demons were at bay, pleasuring themselves with her. But how long would she last? She knew she could not last indefinitely. Hunsy’s manhood grew beneath her, and he pushed her down against him, dredging. He stroked her chin and opened her mouth, running his fingers around her lips. He was seductively gentle, and Issabella was lost. It was overwhelming. She took his big thumb into her mouth and sucked it. Her body tensed and squirmed uncontrollably. She felt herself cumming and she couldn’t stop. Brad the demon smiled.

“Fuck, I’m in trouble.” The little voice inside her whimpered before turning to an incomprehensible moan of felicity. She was being taken, she was being used. She almost didn’t care. But to lose her power, was to lose the war. Would she survive this? Or would they continue till she was too weak to control anything? Surely she’d be ripe for capture and taken away to their brotherhood in hell. She could not let this happen. Her purse wasn’t strong enough to pull two demons inside, but it tried. It grew stronger because it knew it had a job to do. One job, suck the hell from the house out.

Hunsy watched as Brad continued; his hard slick wand ceaselessly pumped and his balls slapped against her skin. Hunsy wanted her too. His face soured for a moment. Was he jealous? He leaned over Issabella again and stared down into her eyes. She felt his throbbing cock tangled in her hair and his hot male legs around her shoulders.

This was getting to be too much. The passion was overwhelming and flashes of the underworld rode through Issabella’s mind. She had to try again. She closed her eyes and in a rage she yelled.

“Et Oblinito Daemonium!”

Her purse answered, and it’s power increased. An invisible surge pulled at the demons. Azaroch clamped onto Issabella harder and raised his angry head to the ceiling.

“YOU SHALL NOT TAKE ME!” He yelled and shook the house.

Issabella was terrified at his power. She had misjudged this one. He could not be from the third circle. This was a sixth or seventh level. He lied.

The demon was strong. The wind from the vortex howled around them, like a tornado. It climbed from the purse like a snake, spinning and sucking. Issabella shouted the words again, but they were lost in the frenzy of turbulence. The force increased, and the room cycled with particles and small bric-a-brac. The hum of the purse grew louder and still, it couldn’t draw past the strength of both demons.

The dark power was like electricity. You control it… if you don’t, it controls you, in unpleasant ways. Issabella knew this could be the end. Number 337, the case that ended it all. Her career, her reputation and for all she knew, maybe she’d wind up in hell. The power of the vortex spun out of control and Issabella saw fragments of her life spinning around with it. All the demons, all the cases, like a frenzied ballroom of memories, whirling and mocking her. The people she knew, the places she’d been. And worse, much worse… the things she’d never done now flashed before her eyes in a dance macabre. A hunky loving husband, the cottage house, and even, god-forbid, the mini-van. Dreams, unrealized, unwanted superficially… but deep down, yearned for. Fuck. Such things never missed until denied. Fuck, again, she had seen a mini-van. She knew this was the end.

Suddenly, a strong hand pushed through the storm like pliers entering a blue flame. It was Hunsy. Issabella gasped as he grabbed the purse and held it tight. Then, with all his might, he turned the ancient handbag, aiming it squarely at Azaroch. She felt his body vibrate inside her and she shook in disbelief and amazement as the power pulled at him. Its full force made his body tremble and shake. Azaroch grabbed desperately at Issabella.

“Et Oblinito Daemonium, Et Oblinito Daemonium,” She began to chant and Brad’s body continued shaking, like a leaf in a gale. “I command you to leave Azaroch, the Wraith!”

With a sudden loud snap and a small implosion later, Azaroch was a prisoner inside her purse. Issabella panted and struggled to regain her breath. She looked up at Hunsy. Now it was his game. Her shoulders still locked under his powerful legs, and a glint of mischief flashed in his eyes.

“Hunsy like Issabella.” His slow words carried weight like heavy stones that hung in the air.

Issabella wasn’t sure what to think. The monster silently looked inside the dark handbag for a few moments. Thinking. Then he looked down at Issabella and grinned. A moment later he winked and neatly disappeared inside the purse of his own free will.

“Holy shit…” She spoke to the room, as it still agitated with small miscellanea.

The sound of a key being turned in a lock, and the front door swung wide open. There was Annie. She was startled and silent. Her mouth fell open and began to form words.

“What is going on?”

A few knick-knacks fell from the surrounding air as Brad’s comatose body still sexually clung to Issabella. Silence filled the living room with nothing but crickets chirping from outside the door.

Annie looked around in shock, then back at Brad and Issabella—“Oh my god, Issabella… you’re a swinger too!”—her hands flew up in the air and she raced toward the huntress.

“Your demon is gone.” Issabella wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“Oh honey, are you all right?”

“Yes. Your husband is quite the catch, by the way.”

“That’s what Veronica says too. I was afraid this would happen.”

A moment later, Brad started waking up. He was dazed. Afterward, alarmed to find his hands clenching another woman’s nude hips, and it wasn’t his wife’s, and it wasn’t Veronica’s. He realized Annie was standing next to him, smiling; and the nude hips… were still not Veronica, they belonged to another beautiful strange creature with green eye make-up.

“Ahh… how did this happen?” As he looked down to find his cock still inside her.

“You were having sex with Issabella.”


“Yes, the demon hunter.”

Brad looked confused.

“Brad, you had a demon inside you. You were possessed.” Annie crossed her arms.

Brad returned with another look of confusion that stretched across his blue eyes. “I don’t remember a thing, except I was wandering through this old town, and it was constantly raining and the skies were dark. And everywhere I looked… there was no coffee.”

“You were in Hell.” Issabella confirmed.

Brad looked down at her, finally gathering the brevity of the situation. “Hi,” he spoke softly, “my name is Brad. Thank you for bringing me back. Sorry, I should probably um… detach myself from you now.” He was a little embarrassed. An orgy with friends was one thing, but complete strangers wearing green eye make-up was something else.

A few minutes later, Issabella had retrieved her bra from upstairs and finished putting herself back together.

“Here, keep the change.” Annie smiled and pushed a small wad of bills into Issabella’s hand.

“Why, thank you. Now both of you look at me.”

Annie and Brad stared deep into Issabella’s eyes.

She gazed at them both silently for a moment, then waved her finger in the air, invisibly tracing the rune sign for abeyance.

Their eyes turned to glass. It was time for them to forget, though she was tempted to do other things with Brad first. Issabella spoke slowly. “I rid the demon from your residence, but you will not know how. You will clean the house thoroughly tomorrow, and soon after, life will return to normal. You will not play with a Ouija board ever again. Brad, you sexy dog, you will keep Annie happy… and Annie, once a month you will order a pie from the best pizza place in town, Mafioso Pizza.”

Somewhere, Alphonso was probably smiling and didn’t know why.

“Oh and…” She continued, “If you cross paths with Patrick and Elizabeth in public? You will do nothing but smile and wink at them.”

The street was empty, and the moon shone down on the dark sidewalk. The trail would lead her back to the Temple of the Smoothie before returning home. Case number 337 had ended. It would go down in her journal, studied, and used to update the Fallen Beastiary data-base. She would have to deposit those pesky demons soon, though. “Well, it may not have been perfectly executed, it was a little messy,” she thought, “but that was life… messy. And that’s why they called her. To handle the messy shit that was too dirty for the common man. She was a specialist, as her great grandfather, Constantine Doe, had told her a long time ago. Thankfully, he wouldn’t know how she currently conducted business.” But what to do with Hunsy? She would have to think on that.