The Witcher 3, Talking Appliances, Chapter 12 the damned, Dandelions Suck

The weather has been so nice lately, but alas we had a strong dandelion invasion. Literally tons of them popped up out of nowhere, like an army storming our lawn—hundreds of those little yellow dastardly things.

Seriously. When I looked out in the backyard all I could see was a sea of yellow helmets, just waiting to turn into blow-balls. Normally, I’d be OK with any type of ball blowing. (Sign me up.) But I knew this sea of banana colored soldiers would turn into nothing remotely close to fun. (Even the stray thought of rolling around naked in them wasn’t doing much for me, as the seeds would get stuck in my hairy bits) My first thought was Google. Look for natural ways to get rid of the enemy. 1) Pull them out by manually. They just laughed at me from the yard. “We’re gonna wear your hands out! Rookie! Our green blood will stain your palms and hurt your fingers, then what will you do for recreation! Ha Ha Ha!”

I grabbed a small shovel (not wanting to be mocked by a weed) and went after the first one. By the time it was over I had a hole in my yard, and a root about a foot long! Now repeat times 400… not happening. 2) Vinegar and dish soap— all natural. (we have a lot of wildlife, and a dog, and I like small furry things) On further reading, it only seemed to help after you’d ripped the main part of the weed out: You were to pour it into the hole on the remaining root. 400… times… why not mix a little oil in and make yourself a big fucking salad? Thank you nature, I appreciate spending enormous amounts of time dressing you. Perhaps you’d like some croutons as well? Screw it. I don’t have time for this. “I will go to the big box hardware store and look at every weed killer on the shelf till I can find something safe for pets.” I told myself. More on this later.

The Witcher 3, the Wild Hunt

Whenever I need some stress relief, or too tired to write or do much of anything else, I turn to my old friend. The video game. For those of you who have played the Witcher 3, The Wild Hunt, you know of it’s sheer awesomeness. It’s an action role playing game. The visuals are wonderful. (Refer to the prior picture. No dandelions) The story is excellent, and somewhat adult in places. There’s so much to be said, and others have said it better. If you play games, and you still haven’t played the Witcher 3, do yourself a favor… and buy it.

Buy this game. Run, don’t walk. Or… ride a horse? err…. unicorn.

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11 thoughts on “The Witcher 3, Talking Appliances, Chapter 12 the damned, Dandelions Suck

  1. Dandelions and pancakes were two things I was thinking about today, and lord and behold, you have both subjects in your blog and your newest chapter of Isabella’s story. Wow!

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful sense of humor over your frustration with gardening (I could never do it) and your love of video games. I have played a little of Witcher 3 but never finished it. I found it challenging but always considered going back to it at some point, like Skyrim, which I’ve also never completed. Ugh. Days Gone has my attention at the moment with the latest Assassin’s Creed, which I have only a few missions left. If you couldn’t tell, I prefer RPGs because I enjoy good stories no matter how I engage them. 😉

    The problem is that I’m easily distracted. I suppose in writing, that can be a bad thing, leading to bad habits like not finishing what I start. Regardless, I attempt to be more disciplined when writing. Should I get stuck, instead of giving up, I simply conduct more research because, most likely, whatever I’m attempting to write has not fully developed yet.

    Like you, though, I play video games when too tired to do anything else like watch TV (I do little of that) or look at a device (phone, tablet, or laptop) for reading, social media, and games. I also enjoy reading but haven’t found myself disciplined enough to do that of late. Different writing projects have kept me pretty busy while Silk is on the fritz, but that’s never stopped me before (I post on Inkitt weekly). Silk is just my favorite out of all the writing sites I rotate through, and it’s the one I enjoy playing on the most. It will be interesting to see what Silk looks like when Booksie Guy is through with it.

    As always, wordy people are the hardest to edit. I should know. I’m one of the most notorious wordsmiths around. Cutting words are like cutting chunks of fat off the steak. At some point, you gotta cut the fat so that you can taste the lean, mean, and what flows with the whole machine. You dig? The writing is better for it in examining your work with those clarifying questions you mentioned. If it took you longer to flush the chapter out because of the edit? I couldn’t tell. I loved every bit of your newest offering and definitely eagerly await what more juicy revelry you have in store. 🙂


  2. Hi Amy! I fell in love with Witcher 3, I haven’t played the earlier Witcher games. I was blown away by the whole thing, the scenery, the story, the characters… etc. Skyrim just couldn’t engage me. I tried. I did like Fallout 3 and 4. I haven’t tried Days Gone, but I’ve been really wanting to try Valhalla. You have convinced me to get the game. Another game a little off the beaten path that I’ve been waiting for is Bio-Mutant, it looks fun and has an action RPG system. Its coming out this month!

    Ya strange you were thinking about dandelions and pancakes! Lol. Should I ask what made you think about those?

    I know about getting distracted, or just plain too busy. Sometimes diving into research is so rewarding (and sometimes fascinating), and then other times… it’s like going down the rabbit hole. Kinda like the donkey and the carrot. Lol. Thank you for your compliment on the story. That means a lot. I cut so much out of it, but I still feel I should cut more. Oh! and I guess Silk is more or less back to normal? No more pictures, unless you pay for membership. I hate seeing all those generic book covers. Oh well, such is life.

    I’ll have to find you on Inkitt. Yep, cutting chunks of fat off steak… gotta do it, as long as I can still eat bacon 😉 (with juicy revelry)


    • I thought about pancakes because well why not? LOL! My husband makes the best of those light fluffy darlings with copious amounts of butter and maple syrup and sometimes honey. And the dandelions for the obvious reasons since I saw the little yellow weeds invade the yard. Unlike you, I had not time to lament over them because the family of rabbits on our property love them and we see them dining on them every morning and evening. The same is true for any they miss with their fuzzy white heads. The rabbits have always been a natural remedy for weeds.

      Thanks for the tip on Bio-Mutant. I am not familiar with it, but my husband might be. I was just asking him about new games coming out the other day. He knows well what I like. 😉


  3. Have him check out Biomutant. It looks like a wicked silly game. (with Kung Fu action, and RPG elements, who can resist that?) lol. We have a lot of wild life around here, but I haven’t seen one rabbit! That’s gotta beat grandpa’s weeder.

    I’m still trying to perfect the “fluffy” part of the pancake. Same thing with biscuits. 😉


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