Shrimp Boil, The Watch, Chapter 12, The Trees

Shrimp Boil 2021

My shrimp boil was a success. As a matter of fact—as I sit here in bed, smugly, wearing my boxer briefs and writing this… I’m still basking in the wonderful after-glow of a spicy, shrimpy, potatie… sausagey, smorgasbord of low country boiling magic—known as The Shrimp Boil 2021.

Ya… I couldn’t find a picture of shrimp boil, but I think the shrimp might be in the water in the background? Swimming around somewhere… ?

The Watch, a new series. My review.

Dear, “The Watch.” I wanted to like you. God knows I did. I’m a big fan of Terry Pratchett, and in particular The Watch book series. But damn…

The Watch. Why?

Pictures from Shrimp Boil 2021

The wild caught shrimp, the wild.. red potatoes and the store bought Old Bay and Zatarans. Nothing screams fresh like the words Old Bay. Why did they call it that?
You can see my pic of the wild caught shrimp (scooped from the ocean and right into my colander) and the wild smoked sausage. I had been chopping the potatoes and still with knife in hand, I shanked it right through the packaging. Sometimes that plastic wrap is a bitch to take off. It was only after that I saw the Easy Open tab. Note: The big ole wiener was unharmed.

Chapter 12. The Taming of the Fallen.

I’ve been on this Chapter for awhile now. It’s been a little tricky. A lot of exposition has come up in this chapter, and as a writer you have to be careful with exposition. Exposition can be evil (but more likely, just plain boring). If you’re not a writer and you don’t know what exposition is? Wikipedia says: ‘In fiction, An information dump (or “infodump”) is a large drop of information by the author to provide background he or she deems necessary to continue the plot. This is ill-advised in narrative and is even worse when used in dialogue. There are cases where an information dump can work but in many instances, it slows down the plot or breaks immersion for the readers.’ That’s what the mightiest knowledge base on the web says. Exposition. The Watch, spends time showing you a character’s back story, only so they can be killed 20 minutes later in what is supposed to be an emotional moment. It doesn’t work. Exposition. Use it wisely Skywalker. Remember that age old rule Joseph… Show, Don’t Tell. If you can’t show it, damn’t, at least make it interesting. Words for any man to live by.

Boiling point reached. The prince threw his right hand at the last underling. Drusila flew across the room, sailed through the door and stopped abruptly on the stone wall outside. Her body decomposed rapidly into an effigy of thorns and roses. Drusila was no more. The Hench-gals went quiet.

“You see what you made me do?”—he studied the human—“Pull his pants down.”

They quietly did as ordered and whipped his pants down to his knees. Scott was not wearing underwear, his body was firm and strangely glistened with oil. He had the tattoo of a decorative chain that ran around his waist. Mistakes had been made. Many fingers traced the tattoo with hushed envy.

Asmodeus smiled. “Good, this one is already half-way there. Throw him in the circle of Snapping Geese. It’s always a favorite, and then maybe later the bouncy-castle orgy room.”

“I like the bouncy-castle.” December whispered to Fae.

The remaining underlings picked Scott up like a bag of limbs and hauled him out of the room and down the hall.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions… the hallways were another story. They were cruel. Long, twisty, dark and uncomfortable; lined in cobblestones and antiqued in blood. Another product of Hell, and it meant, another form of torture to the damned, and plantar fasciitis to the regulars.

Back at it.

Frozen corn, sausage and the cauldron of spicy love.

OK, time to fess up. I got this recipe from Yes, real house moms can make a tasty sexy shrimp boil. The secret is in the timing. Throw the potatoes and onions in, wait 10 mins, throw the corn in… or throw the sausage in… wait 7 mins… throw the blah blah blah in. Well, just read the recipe. Never have I been so thankful for the stopwatch app on my phone. Yes I have a timer like the rest of the world!!! I just wanted to look cool while throwing things in a pot of boiling stuff.

And soon it was done! Shrimp Boil! Yeah!!!

Oh! and M, The next time I try the chicken experiment again, I will be trying your recipe. Thank you for sharing! And to Amy Turner,, you are a gal that knows your flour! Thank you both for your comments during my time of fried chicken crisis.

Peace, Love and Redemption.


2 thoughts on “Shrimp Boil, The Watch, Chapter 12, The Trees

  1. I was giggling throughout wondering if this boil of yours was going to be another disaster like that cooking show “America’s Worst Cooks” on the food network. I see that it turned out drool-worthy so congrats for the redemption from the chicken fiasco. Can’t wait for you to try it again to hear the results but this boil, mmm mmm. Yummy!

    As for your writing, I completely understand that. I feel the same way on my story especially since I feel a little burned out. I want to do everything other than write right now. Cook, watch TV or play video games, and now with the weather breaking into the 60s…ahhh! The last place I wanna be is behind a computer screen. The itch is there, but I’m tired.

    Not to worry, I’ll snap out of it. Just need to get some rest. It’s nice to mix it up.

    Your story makes me drool, too, so I cannot wait for you to finish. However, it is always worth the wait. 😉


    • I hope you snap out of things, or maybe it’s better to take a break between writing? It’s a time thing with me. There’s not enough of me to go around. Lol. Some of it’s my own fault, besides working, (which has been pure hell since covid started) I’m trying to start a side business, then house hold chores… and cooking and laundry..,and then any unexpected life surprises to deal with… (and blogging!! ahh!! ) then… my brain is usually too tired for any other writing, so I wind up chilling with video games or movies also.

      So normally, I get up super early on the weekends and write before the real world creeps in. A cup of coffee, a half-hour of wake up time, then onto writing. It works most the time 😉

      Looking forward to settling down enough to read some more of your stories. You are an excellent writer. (Your stories make me drool too) lol


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