Shrimp Boil, The Watch, Chapter 12, The Trees

I feel like I’ve been working on Chapter 12 forever. My only writing time is really the weekends. My brain is blown-out after work during the week and I can’t put two words together let alone a sentence. The weekend is also when I cook. I was still a little shy from the Great Fried Chicken Failure of 2020. However, I believe I have redeemed myself. Coming up, The Great Shrimp Boil of 2021, but first…

Yard Work and Trees

I was out in the yard today, doing manly things again, never mind it’s freaking winter. Because the trees don’t care. The old tree says “Yes, it’s cold as hell out here and I know you’d rather be inside, in the warmth… half naked…. touching yourself or whatever you do, but I think I’m going to throw a few of my limbs down in the yard. You know… the neighbors are going to see your yard… and theirs look soooo nice… and they will talk.”

“Fuck you old tree. Yes I’m coming outside in the cold to pick your shit up. And I’m going to use a branch lopper and get rid of some of your other gangly body parts that are creeping me out.”

And I did.

Old Tree said, “Thank you.”

I’d been used again. and! In a freak accident, (I probably got a little too caviler) but somehow I boxed myself in the upper lip with the handle of the trimming shear. Now I have a raised bump on my upper lip where it cut against my teeth. If duck lips ever make a come-back… (I hope they don’t) I’ll be halfway there.

I’ll be sharing my recipe throughout the post. More on the next page.

2 thoughts on “Shrimp Boil, The Watch, Chapter 12, The Trees

  1. I was giggling throughout wondering if this boil of yours was going to be another disaster like that cooking show “America’s Worst Cooks” on the food network. I see that it turned out drool-worthy so congrats for the redemption from the chicken fiasco. Can’t wait for you to try it again to hear the results but this boil, mmm mmm. Yummy!

    As for your writing, I completely understand that. I feel the same way on my story especially since I feel a little burned out. I want to do everything other than write right now. Cook, watch TV or play video games, and now with the weather breaking into the 60s…ahhh! The last place I wanna be is behind a computer screen. The itch is there, but I’m tired.

    Not to worry, I’ll snap out of it. Just need to get some rest. It’s nice to mix it up.

    Your story makes me drool, too, so I cannot wait for you to finish. However, it is always worth the wait. 😉


    • I hope you snap out of things, or maybe it’s better to take a break between writing? It’s a time thing with me. There’s not enough of me to go around. Lol. Some of it’s my own fault, besides working, (which has been pure hell since covid started) I’m trying to start a side business, then house hold chores… and cooking and laundry..,and then any unexpected life surprises to deal with… (and blogging!! ahh!! ) then… my brain is usually too tired for any other writing, so I wind up chilling with video games or movies also.

      So normally, I get up super early on the weekends and write before the real world creeps in. A cup of coffee, a half-hour of wake up time, then onto writing. It works most the time 😉

      Looking forward to settling down enough to read some more of your stories. You are an excellent writer. (Your stories make me drool too) lol


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