Happy New Year 2021, Bad Chicken, Bubble Baths and Impeachment.

Celebrating Chapter 11: The Taming of the Fallen, The Bubble-bath Conclusion

I’ve been busy working on my book again. Recently I finished the 11th chapter. You can read it over here: The Bubble-Bath Conclusion. Warning, this is 18+ Here’s an except:

This was almost feeling forbidden, a violation. But it was only skin, touching skin. It was her belly, but it sparked arousal. She felt herself moving, almost swaying with his hovering touch. While somewhere, far away, her body was being insatiably charmed—in a bathtub, sexually lathered with the friction of flesh and pheromones. She had a reckless thought, to pull her panties down. But this was too wrong. And, was this even real?—this hazy-boat-dreamworld of Autumn trees; with fog that clung to them like gray cotton candy. Her desire grew. This enigmatic man… was sultry to the bone, and it lured an unexpected amour. She arched toward him.

“Very nice… the way it flows on your body.” He lingered, and the corners of his mouth rose.

Fuck taboos. If that handsome bastard smiled at her one more time, she would push off these frilly vintage panties and show him her pussy. No. That was wrong. She knew she was dreaming, but… the rush from his finger, weaving soft trails into her flesh—

“Constantine?” She looked at him, her eyes imploring.


Thank you Lisa Ann, Thank you America

So now its January 13th and Trump has been impeached for the second time. Normally, I stay away from politics when I’m blogging, but screw it. I’m a democrat, and if you are not; no harm no foul—you may want to tune out. All I can say is, Thank god—you can’t come back Trump. I try not to judge people for the political leanings, but after watching the news I gotta wonder what the hell is wrong with these Republicans? Are they missing a screw? OK… I know they have been lied to for years by Fox News and other right-wing media, but after hearing some of the things that these groups are saying about Democrats… I was appalled. Don’t you think people would stop and think for themselves? Maybe question the integrity of the source?

We have some friends we’ve known for years, they are Republicans. We don’t see them often. But more recently they’ve changed their position of Trump supporter to…(and I quote) “Well, WE believe in America.” Like, it’s their way of saying… other parties don’t? Are they trying to save face? Apparently if you’re not a Republican—you don’t believe in America?

I guess somewhere along the way, someone told these people that us Democrats don’t believe in America, and hence—aren’t as good as they are? Does this sound like hypocrisy to anyone? Doesn’t this sound a lot like the church going elitists who look down their perfect noses on everyone else?

But not only that, there’s QAnon and their conspiracy theory about Democratic party officials linked to sex trafficking with children. Pizzagate, remember? Turns out, that was a big lie. Pizzagate. And who’d believe that anyway? Surely no-one I know. But yes… sad… but true. A woman friend I had known for years, religious… Republican. When Trump first ran, I told her I was voting Democrat, and she made a weird face, “You mean those people that have a satanic cult and are pedophiles?”

“Are you on crack?” I asked.

Seriously, don’t you think people would question the source of their information, especially when they find out their long-time friend belongs to that party? Again… church people.

But it brings to light, what are these people being told? And, more so, why are they believing it?

I’m honestly floored at their belief system. I have an American flag outside our house and I also believe that all cultures, and religions have a home in America. Because damn’t, we all have a few things in common, I mean, aside from being made of flesh and blood, and are human beings… we all love some damn good fried chicken.

I’m still waiting…

-Peace, Love and Fried Chicken, Happy New Year


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2021, Bad Chicken, Bubble Baths and Impeachment.

  1. I have a wonderful fried chicken recipe. Works great every time. The secret is that you only fry it to get it crispy and then you bake it in the oven until it’s completely cooked through. Maybe try that next time?


      • Here you go! Let me know how it turns out! 😉

        Crispy Fried Chicken


        1 ½ cup all-purpose flour
        ½ cup cornmeal
        ¼ cup cornstarch
        3 tsp salt
        2 tsp paprika
        1 tsp dried oregano
        1 tsp rubbed sage
        1 tsp pepper
        2 eggs
        ¼ cup water
        2 broiler fryer chickens (3-4 lbs. each cut up)
        Oil for frying


        1. Combine all dry ingredients.
        2. Whisk eggs with water.
        3. Dip chicken in egg mixture then cover
        in dry mixture.
        4. Fry in deep fryer or electric skillet for 3-
        5 minutes.
        5. Place chicken pieces on two greased
        cookie sheets and bake uncovered at
        350° for 30-45 minutes.

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  2. I swear you had me crying laughing with this blog. Of course, not laugh AT you, but WITH you.

    Sometimes, I have an inkling for fried chicken and so I have a couple of places that actually make really good fried chicken which I covet. When frying, however, I would never use rice flower unless you intend to cook chicken strips or tenders because the fry time for that size meat is more conducive for frying with that flower. Fish for example would be nice in rice flour or shrimp, scallops, etc. Small and quick frying = rice flower. Next tip would be to get a deep fryer, peanut oil. When it floats, it is done. That is my usual rule. You can also use a dish with deep side to make your own flyer. I use my cast iron skillet for this type of frying. It always turns out well and is preferred to shallow frying in your standard skillet.

    When it comes to politics, like you, I also shy away from it as much as possible. I will say that it is a lesson well learned that one must vet information for yourself and not simply listen to someone. What is the source? People are not infallible. You must make decisions for yourself based on information that is based in facts, not hearsay, opinions, or feelings. Facts and reality. Democrats or Republicans should exercise this more often than they do. We the people have the responsibility to call them out on this since we are the ones who vote for them.

    Religion is a different subject entirely, but that is why there is a separation of church and state in this country. It is better this way so that all religions are freely worshiped in the US. and stay out of politics. So with that said, the constitution should be the divining rod as it were to keep us on track with the other sections of government offering the appropriate checks and balances. No matter what direction we take then compromise is made between all bodies. Not everyone gets what they want but the best solutions moving forward would be realized to help everyone. This all or nothing or dismissal of a difference of opinion mentality would cease so that needed work can be done to help those who need it in the short-term and work toward a future that provides hope and advancement.

    Ok, enough of that, I much prefer to talk about chicken. Much more tasty, crunch and as you say, sexy than politics which leave me with a sour smacking. Give me juicy, tender, fried chicken any day over it. 🙂

    Take care and hope your next adventure of frying chicken turns out better! If not, just tell us about it anyway.



  3. Hi Amy! Glad you liked my post. I dumped my deep fryer a few years ago. It’s such a big greasy messy oil and space hog I had to let it go. I figured, if I can’t deep fry it in a skillet than I won’t make it. Had I know your expertise, I’d probably consulted you first 😉 Actually, you and M. I’m just saying, I don’t know how all these people were able to fully cook their drumsticks in a skillet. Some type of black magic? I tried all night long after I realized it wasn’t working—lowering the temp—raising the temp—standing on my hands, turning sideways and doing the hokey pokey. In the end, it may have been the rice flour? Not sure, but my self esteem went out in the garbage with the chicken. Lol.

    I agree with you about checking information. It’s one of the things that drives me insane about social media—one person spreads a misleading meme and the next thing you know it catches like wildfire. I have always tried to seek the truth, keep my cool, until all facts are known. I’m not saying I’m the worlds smartest guy, cuz I’m not. But when I hear some of the things that fall out of other peoples mouths…. I’m wondering if were all on the same planet.

    After reading what you wrote about religion and politics… you’re a very smart gal Amy, that was pretty damn good and nicely written. (and I agree)

    But ya, I’d rather be talking about sexy chicken, even if mine… ummm… wasn’t so sexy. Lol. However, the world will know soon that I have redeemed myself with a wicked shrimp boil recipe. 🙂 Thank you for your comment.


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