Halloween Movies and Blowing Leaves

Blowing the Leaves of Acceptance

I’ve been busy working on my next chapter for The Taming of the Fallen, as well as so many other things. Raking the yard has become an every other day occurrence. There are so many leaves, it’s maddening. I have purchased my first ever leaf blower, it’s a little red beauty made by Craftsman, gasoline engine, roars like a little mini-bike and growls when you pull the trigger. Becoming a homeowner, (as many have learned) means becoming so many other things. Yes neighborhood, you can add semi-professional leaf blower, to the exciting list that includes gutter cleaner and snug fitting boxer-briefs wearer. Truth be told, this is a new experience for me. Having close neighbors… our street feels like the classic small town, like your part of a community…

I am a loner, always been one since I was kid. Give me the wild, the free, the open. The fringe is where I perched. I march to my own drum, never falling in line, and not knowing why. Being a writer and artist, I’m sure a lot of creative people can relate. But now, things are different.

Now. I have a leaf blower.

Usually one person in the neighborhood pulls out their lawnmower, next thing you know everybody is pulling something out. Yard machines, weed-eaters, hedge clippers… mulchers, rototillers, chainsaws. Almost like a pissing contest in the kingdom of outdoor maintenance. And I… I alone will take on that challenge as well. I will enter the pantheon. Me, and my leaf blower.

Is that a leaf blower in your pocket? Or are you happy to see me? Picture, courtesy of Wallhere.com

I have to admit, when I hold that powerful hose in my hand and let the throttle out, I feel pretty fucking good about my place in society.

Elvira new video “Don’t Cancel Halloween”

What can I say… there are no words… but it’s Elvira and my heart doesn’t judge.

An Excerpt from The Taming of the Fallen

(Warning 18+)

Gather round it’s time for another excerpt from my latest chapter in progress.

“Now sugar,” Kalliope whispered, “I know you like your men so I’m going to make this a little easier for you…”

Issabella didn’t know where this was going, but she liked it. She liked it in a guilty way. This was the dirty pleasure that came after the tea cups were put away and replaced with fuzzy drinks, special friends and a round of “Lets not tell anyone about this” afterwards. Giggle.

The witch looked up at Hunsy. “Hey Mr. Demon man, why don’t you take off that towel.”

Issabella’s mouth opened in shock as Hunsy smiled and pulled down the towel that covered his manhood. His strong thighs, his muscled carapace stomach, his tight pouch; all bathed in a blue-ish tint and unobstructed by shaven flesh.

“Fuck…” Kalliope whispered hoarsely, “sugar, he is fine…”

And though Hunsy, was a demon, and could be accused of being a little slow occasionally; he was sexy, and he had a good heart, she thought? The last time she’d seduced him, it was under her terms. She was catching a demon. A demon to trap and put away. But then, the demon turned out to be Hunsy, and he was handy. She should change his name to Handsy. She grinned to herself in the maze of bath fumes. The point being—her logic continued, she was doing a job, she was in charge. These circumstances were vastly different. Now she was being lured. Perhaps her lesson was to let go? Relinquish control? But to surrender is to lose power. These thoughts swam around her head with a certain virility; amongst the perfume, the cookie scraps and assorted herbs and spices that floated around the bathtub.

The Taming of the Fallen. Chapter 8 in progress. Joseph Wicke 2020

Well, that’s it for now. Happy Halloween everyone!!

-Joseph (Semi-professional leaf blower)

Leaves make me hot.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Movies and Blowing Leaves

  1. Totally love the letterboard of movies. Many are new to me and will have to check them out. Not subscribing to any sort of streaming service makes this difficult only because the internet and my house location in the great wide open mid-west sucks and not in a good way. For Halloween I have quite the collection of my own which are go to favs of any occasion but holds sway. “The Crow”, “House of Ushers”, and “Dracula” being the start of a lovely weekend of binge-watching classics staring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price.

    Love the snippet of the chapter you are working on as well as the interlude with Hunsy. I just adore the tale you weave as it is wickedly good. Toodles for now.

    P.S. Hope you get blown as well as you blow 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Amy, I like your movie choices. The crow was an awesome film, I will never forget my favorite line from that movie. “Mother is the name of god on the hearts and lips of all children.” Powerful. Would love to know what else you have in your collection?

    My latest blow issue involved the fan in the kitchen after OVER roasting dinner 😉 lol. However, I must report that the leaf blower works wonders at cleaning the gutters, while standing on the roof. And I guess I put on quite a show, a woman and her dog stopped to watch me. Strange… but nice.

    Thank you for the compliment on the writing. This latest chapter has become rather long, and I’m thinking about releasing another mini-chapter to cut it down a bit. It does get pretty hot though. Woo! Anyway, I saw you released a new chapter of Surrender Unto Death the day after I released mine, I’ll be heading over to read it soon.

    Hope your Halloween was wicked.

    Liked by 2 people

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