Halloween Movies and Blowing Leaves

Halloween movies to watch as you shoot candy down PVC pipes to the kiddies.

Or better still, arrange a baby monitor on the business end of the tube and just pop the loot down the chute from your window. Also, a good sized burp may travel well. But enough about that, I’m here to spread the Halloween cheer with some of my favorite spooky movies. I’ve made a list over Letterboxd.com . Most of these have a certain eclectic-ness to them. I don’t go for the run-of-the-mill slasher flicks; I’ve SAWn that too much. I’ve been Michael’d, Jason’d and Freddy’d more times than I’d care to mention… and don’t get me started on zombies. So without further ado, here is my list of favs. Letterboxd

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Movies and Blowing Leaves

  1. Totally love the letterboard of movies. Many are new to me and will have to check them out. Not subscribing to any sort of streaming service makes this difficult only because the internet and my house location in the great wide open mid-west sucks and not in a good way. For Halloween I have quite the collection of my own which are go to favs of any occasion but holds sway. “The Crow”, “House of Ushers”, and “Dracula” being the start of a lovely weekend of binge-watching classics staring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price.

    Love the snippet of the chapter you are working on as well as the interlude with Hunsy. I just adore the tale you weave as it is wickedly good. Toodles for now.

    P.S. Hope you get blown as well as you blow 😉

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  2. Hi Amy, I like your movie choices. The crow was an awesome film, I will never forget my favorite line from that movie. “Mother is the name of god on the hearts and lips of all children.” Powerful. Would love to know what else you have in your collection?

    My latest blow issue involved the fan in the kitchen after OVER roasting dinner 😉 lol. However, I must report that the leaf blower works wonders at cleaning the gutters, while standing on the roof. And I guess I put on quite a show, a woman and her dog stopped to watch me. Strange… but nice.

    Thank you for the compliment on the writing. This latest chapter has become rather long, and I’m thinking about releasing another mini-chapter to cut it down a bit. It does get pretty hot though. Woo! Anyway, I saw you released a new chapter of Surrender Unto Death the day after I released mine, I’ll be heading over to read it soon.

    Hope your Halloween was wicked.

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