All Hallows’ Eve and Gutters Clean

We walked the countryside on all Hallows Eve
Autumn came hither, and Summer bereaved

The souls gone before, still walk this road,
wind whistling trees, stirring leaves of burnt gold

Licking us both, they tried cutting our throats,
thankful of vesture, warm scarves and heavy coats.          

The night grows darker, our hearts, hand in hand
our step a bit quicker, deeper inside, hinterland.

The rustle of forest twigs and the creaking of trees,
things scurried underfoot, and grew our unease.

"Get inside me now," I yell. Opening up my coat.
"A demon approaches, up ahead, on the gray road."

He brings the fog, and a processional brass band
he offers us quarter from this devils woodland.

He says, "You follow or your souls may not keep,
for we march on Hallows Eve, in twilight sleep."

Joseph Wicke 2020


2 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Eve and Gutters Clean

  1. You are such a silly man. Don’t you know you should always have a plan? After all that rain and stuff you will have to bath in something hot to remove all that muck. And no one should bath alone. Oh, no no. You should be well versed with another equally messy chore of raining down on your significant other. 😉


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