ENCORE! — September Song Project II

I decided to take part in my first writing prompt. I discovered it while browsing Mrs. Fever blog, when suddenly my temperature rose. I love music. I have a background in music and play guitar and keyboards. Truth told, OK, I’m not the best. However, I have been told I’m good with my hands.

Check out the prompt at Encore

This was such a hard choice, and I like to many genres of music, but today I’m going with the forgotten classic. I Love The Night by Blue Oyster Cult. Not to be confused with “I Love the Nightlife by Alicia Bridges.” (I told you I like all types of music)

I was a very little kid when this song first came out, and I didn’t hear it till years later. It had such a chill/eerie vibe to it. I thought, with my favorite holiday Halloween coming up, this seemed like a nice segue into Autumn.

The guitar riff reminds me a little of the Twilight Zone theme song. It might as well have been.

3 thoughts on “ENCORE! — September Song Project II

  1. This is what I love about the music memes – not only do you get to wax lyrical about songs you like but you are introduced to tracks or artists you might not know.
    I hadn’t heard this song but I liked it a lot – a new mellow one for my playlist – loved the steel sound of the guitar – was reminded of Chris Isaac & the Passions (wicked game & im in love with a German film star respectively)
    Thanks Joseph x

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