End Game/New Game

It was hellish. It was a long strange, kinda ugly trip… but it happened, and it’s over. It’s the story of: a big company wants to buy your land, you’ll have thirty days to move when notified, and you’re not quite sure when it’s all going to happen. On top of that: You have to buy another house. Crazy gamble? Yes. Insane? Yes. Did we make twice as much as our house was worth? Yes. However, the monetary gains were quickly replaced with the stress level wrenched onto our souls.

The big company (who turns neighborhoods into storage lots) also bought some of the surrounding properties, and as homes became vacant, unfortunately, squatters began moving into the area. Note: Squatters hold up progress for big companies. So, on the last day I said goodbye to our old house, and my final time was spent emptying the very last drop of many years from every crack and crevice while scurrying to beat the appointed exit time. The exit time, also known as “Get-out-of-the-house-now!” Because the police are coming to break the windows and take the doors from their hinges to dissuade more squatters. I knew in a week the home would be completely gone, torn down, to be paved over by the machine. It was time for the house to go, and it was time for me to go.

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