ENCORE! — September Song Project II

I decided to take part in my first writing prompt. I discovered it while browsing Mrs. Fever blog, when suddenly my temperature rose. I love music. I have a background in music and play guitar and keyboards. Truth told, OK, I’m not the best. However, I have been told I’m good with my hands.

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This was such a hard choice, and I like to many genres of music, but today I’m going with the forgotten classic. I Love The Night by Blue Oyster Cult. Not to be confused with “I Love the Nightlife by Alicia Bridges.” (I told you I like all types of music)

I was a very little kid when this song first came out, and I didn’t hear it till years later. It had such a chill/eerie vibe to it. I thought, with my favorite holiday Halloween coming up, this seemed like a nice segue into Autumn.

The guitar riff reminds me a little of the Twilight Zone theme song. It might as well have been.

Chess, Seduction Games, and Other Words.

New Chapter: Chess

I’ve been writing the next chapter for The Taming of the Fallen and here’s a few excerpts.

Excerpts from Chapter 7: Chess

Chess may be the sport of kings, the intellectual cat and mouse. The glisten of the fish roe. But checkers was every man. Checkers was sweat. It was the sweat of capture, it was quick, direct, and easy. It was push and shove. Chess was for nobles with too much time on their hands, for the frivolity of monarchs and garrulous fools. Issabella hated it. Chess could fuck off. Checkers. No hidden moves, no hidden motives. Jump, capture and take. Straight to the point. She’d like to see a bishop or a rook last on that board. Or even the Knight, the noble horseman with his tricky shuffle-move, a good checker would hop-scotch his ass any day.

She noticed the black bra still lounging like a Grecian goddess on the stair rail, and the stack of steamy paranormal books by the chair. Middle America. There was always secrets. Kinky secrets. She reached out to the front door. Just as her finger tips landed on the smooth metal knob, she heard the defiant switch of metal against metal. The door had locked itself. Issabella stepped backward and the room went black.

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Sexy Decor, Omens, Personality Quizzes and Goodbye Little Friend.

Decor Choices for the New Castle

Catchy graphic huh? Thank you Photoshop and free images sources.

The decor at Castle Wicke is under way. I have a special room that I’m still working on. An art room, it’s actually my own private wicked man-cabin. My room for secrets, for dark sexy secrets. For things, that not only go bump-in-the-night; but, for the stray hot breath on a window pane, for bare thighs on a plush rug, a forbidden massage from a clandestine meeting, a place for lascivious parlor games. A place to make your wildest dreams come true.

The writer inside me was coming out. But seriously, the house is slowly coming together. Moving sucks, but redecorating rocks. Kind of like a spat with your significant, that later turns into a signifi-CAN. If you know what I mean. I’d like a few private moments alone with my house now.

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Sexy parlor games, Carpet decisions and What might have been.

Today, a woman invited me to run away with her to the ocean. She is tall, older than I, long dark hair, brown eyes… and married. I had worked with her briefly a few years back, then my job changed and I went one way, she went the other. From time to time she would call my office. (Where I attempt to tame wild monkeys all day long) Conversations were nothing special, nothing wild— “how are you?” “I’m good.” “How you been?” etc. But today “Let’s run away together, I’m going to the ocean.” Twice. I was surprised. I was flattered. She knew I liked her, she could probably sense it. (Women are smart like that) I joked and turned her down in a very nice way. I don’t think she really expected me to accept her invitation.

“Let’s run away together, I’m going to the ocean.”

This is not her, this is Pixabay courteously supplementing my life in pictures.

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End Game/New Game

It was hellish. It was a long strange, kinda ugly trip… but it happened, and it’s over. It’s the story of: a big company wants to buy your land, you’ll have thirty days to move when notified, and you’re not quite sure when it’s all going to happen. On top of that: You have to buy another house. Crazy gamble? Yes. Insane? Yes. Did we make twice as much as our house was worth? Yes. However, the monetary gains were quickly replaced with the stress level wrenched onto our souls.

The big company (who turns neighborhoods into storage lots) also bought some of the surrounding properties, and as homes became vacant, unfortunately, squatters began moving into the area. Note: Squatters hold up progress for big companies. So, on the last day I said goodbye to our old house, and my final time was spent emptying the very last drop of many years from every crack and crevice while scurrying to beat the appointed exit time. The exit time, also known as “Get-out-of-the-house-now!” Because the police are coming to break the windows and take the doors from their hinges to dissuade more squatters. I knew in a week the home would be completely gone, torn down, to be paved over by the machine. It was time for the house to go, and it was time for me to go.

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Another house post. Oh god… What we do in the shadows

I know… erotic writer… writing about houses. That really gets me hot. Lol. Actually, at the moment it does. In an unpleasant way.

Again, to make a long story short. (I swear all my stories seem to be long and well endowed) We were about to close on the house, (see recent posts) everything was going as planned… (sounds like the opening to a tragedy) when it turns out the sellers agent listed the house, when she shouldn’t have. The title for the house was not free and clear. So, she hadn’t done her homework, her job. The issue was actually caught by the title company, not her, and luckily, before we had signed to close on the house. Otherwise, I understand it would have caused much pain and discomfort in the future. But now, though this agent is working to make amends and has even hired an attorney to resolve the issue, our future hangs in the balance. With our current house sold, we “literally” have to be out in the next few days.

Hello cheap hotel, cheap hotel courtesy of Pixabay

We had it roughly timed out, a few days— a week at best, in a hotel, that’s fine, mini-vacay! Yeah! However, when your future housing plans disappear, and you have “no-home” to go to, suddenly… life is no vacation.

Godzilla running amok on my dreams.

So while they work to resolve the issue, without a specific close date. I’ve been littering my agent with new houses to go visit in the event that this process takes too long, or, actually does not get resolved. I get the feeling she would prefer that I sit back and chill, thinking that this issue will be remedied, again I have no guarantee it will, and “I do not chill well.” I’m a creative man, and I’m a restless man, and if someone doesn’t want me to stand up in the boat, I will stand up in the boat. (Yes, I may fall out of the boat, but I will own it.)

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Limbo Before the Storm

New, Chapter Four available

Earlier today. Limbo.

It’s all part of this on-going house process. For those just tuning in… months ago, a big company wanted to buy our land. Eventually, tired of being pestered by some really low offers, we told them we would sell for a much higher price than what our house was worth. To our surprise they countered with a pretty good offer and we said yes.

Rabbit hole. So today, yes Memorial day. They were were supposed to send house inspectors over. (Yes, really on Memorial day, we double checked) They needed to check for asbestos, mold and such, before eventually tearing the house down. (The property is destined to be joined with other properties, and then to become a huge warehouse) So, here I am waiting. Alone, in a mostly empty house. It has been a good two hours since they should have arrived; and of course, I’d already made a head-full of plans (me-time in the shower, going out to breakfast, more me-time in the shower, etc.) that are now, on-hold.

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House stuff, Dancing Skeletons, Erotic musings, and the Twitterverse

The house stuff is still progressing. Everything is going as planned… I hope. In case you missed the last post, or fell asleep while reading it. (Sometimes I do. :P) Anywhoo, that 1964 two-story looks like it’s going to be the one. The house was appraised a few days ago and actually came in a good notch higher than what we are paying. Yeah for more equity! Godzilla says Yeah too!

I had wanted to create more equity anyway, so I was thinking hot tub, rumpus room, big bouncy house room, Velcro room, toy room… etc… (I mean, who wouldn’t pay more for a Velcro room?) But I am probably being a little over ambitious. Now, if only that big ass Godzilla would go back to the ocean. All though, I guess that’s one way to deal with Jehovah’s.

Yes, one of these days you might get a real picture, not a vintage mash-up.

Of course, I’m a hopeless romantic and can’t help but picture myself sitting in my own writers den/office, sitting behind my laptop and happily churning out more chapters of “The Taming of the Fallen,” (and other assorted off-color erotic prose) while wearing a soft robe, fresh from the shower, eating tater-tots and being looked upon by beautiful women clad in fishnets…

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House hunting part two, and other mayhem

So that cute little red house from the last post didn’t work out. It was like a break up gone bad, complete with crying, kicking, screaming, alcohol indulgence, many tater tots were eaten, and finally, denial… well, until house number two came along. This beauty was made in 1964. Damn’t Godzilla found this house too! White and blue, two stories, two fireplaces, two bathrooms, two car garage and enough rooms for an office and… a special play room.**

We’ve already put an offer on it, been through inspections and now were in negotiating phase. Things like, “Hey either fix this ham sandwich or give us the money to buy one.” They may also come back with, “No, fix your own damn sandwich.” In which case we might say “No, we will go find another sandwich, perhaps even a hoagie, and with pickles!” … you know how these things go.

Today’s vintage house mash-up brought to you by photoshop

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House hunting, selling and other general hell.

Well, I’m not as active as I had planned on being. I know… you’re let down. Especially after all that tater-tot talk from last time. I’m sure that was a page turner 😉 lol.

Anyway, you may have guessed by the title, we are looking for another house. To make a long story short, some time ago a big company wanted to buy the land we live on, they kept offering some pretty low numbers and we kept telling them no. Finally I said, throw a big-ass number at them. To our surprise they came back with a pretty good price. This was a few months back now.

Yes, thank you Photoshop.

Here’s a vintage picture I mashed up to give you an idea of the house we just put an offer on. Minus Godzilla of course. It’s a beautiful long barn-red rambler. Cuz, I’m a ramblin’ man, I guess. It has a big beautiful cherry tree out front, and the setting has a beautiful charm onto itself. I know! If this was a drinking game on the word “beautiful” you’d be three shots in already.

Buying a house is stressful.